A little about myself

I’m a Computer Science ‘22 graduate from the University of Waterloo. I currently work at Jane Street.

Previously, I’ve interned as a Software Engineer at Jane Street, Instagram, Google, Microsoft and Faire, working on a range of problems from building powerful developer tools, to scaling large distributed systems. Feel free to take a look at my resume for more on my experience.

In my free time, I love to travel, explore new food, lift weights, play/watch basketball, blog a bit, and dabble with photography.

Some achievements/cool stuff I’ve worked on in no particular order:

  • Created a tool to find Cyclic TV Reference Paradoxes [+]
  • Built libmphoto - an open source library for muxing motion photos [+]
  • Added several optimizations to RAW image ingestion within the LibRaw project [+]
  • Helped organize UWaterloo’s first energy focused hackathon [+]
  • Developed support for referencing Azure Boards work items from inside GitHub issues [+]
  • Created a vscode extension to paste text directly from screenshots [+]
  • Wrote a script that syncs Wealthsimple account balances with Lunch Money [+]
  • Dean’s Honours List [+]
  • Woburn Challenge 3rd Place [+]